Abigail (abigail_m) wrote,

i've got a bed and i like it, yes i do. i've got a bed, how about you?

Abby has her very own bed now, thanks to the generosity of one of my coworkers, and, as reported over in my journal, she likes it a lot and has slept through the night twice in it already!

also of note: Abby has an email address now, so she can, in her words, "check her emo". it's puffinsoup@gmail.com.

I realized that we don't post enough in this journal! I should get some pictures rounded up and post them for you all in LJ-land. and new user pics! this one is, like, so baby-era! she's a baby-toddler now, don'tcha know?

—the ever-proud riffraff
Tags: bed, emo, milestones, puffin soup

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