bottoms up!

the setting: poeticdream and i are in the living room making out during a cleaning intermission.

*tonsil hockey*
*tongue twisting*
*robin gives a prolonged stare over my shoulder*
*i disengage my tongue and wonder if i've grown a second head*
*i turn around*

oh, it's just abby downing the last of robin's coffee, grinds and ass and all. mmm, coffee.

we're raising a little caffeine addict, woohoo!

—never afraid to start them young, riffraff

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Dear Abigail,
Thank you for being the little tiny bit of sanity I have in my life. No matter how stressed or depressed I get, seeing you smile as you hold a shirt in front of your face and say "Aba? Aba?" will always make me smile. Thank you for that. I really need those Abby induced smiles.

Love, Mom

P.S. I love the fact that you spin when you dance to music. It really makes me think you are my daughter :-)

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Abby: *eats blueberries and giggles*
Me: What? Are you eating so many blueberries you're getting giggly-ie?
Abby: A'yuh! *eats blueberries and giggles more*


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Today Abby had her 15 month check up. And, as soon as she saw Dr. Howard, she started to scream. Go figure. My poor baby had 5 shots today! Doesn't that seem rather inhumane? Regardless, she's napping now and has been pretty much a-ok since her appoinment (minus a little bit of crankyness, probably from soreness).

Here are her stats:
Abby is 35 inches tall (about two feet).
She weighs 27.2 pounds.

She can:
  1. Walk.
  2. Follow simple commands.
  3. Drink from a cup sorta kinda. She's better with straws.
  4. Climb on furniture.
  5. Walk up and down stairs (with and without assistance, depending on her moods).
  6. Eat like there's no tomorrow.
  7. Nurse like there's no tomorrow :-) (Mommy note: Still going strong! Yea!)
  8. Follow simple commands.
  9. Take off her shirt. (Mommy note: She learned that one in Wal*Mart yesterday)

She can say the following words:
  1. Ma'ma
  2. Da'da
  3. Home
  4. Dog
  5. Woof!
  6. Meow
  7. Crack!
  8. Duck
  9. Quack!
  10. Boob
  11. Please
  12. Elephant
  13. Elmo
  14. Grover
  15. Diaper
  16. Hello.
  17. Up!
  18. Bye
  19. Water
  20. Flower

I've heard her say, "Hello Speedwell!", "This one" and a couple other phrases, but she doesn't say them often enough for me to say it's in her vocabulary. Abby also knows the signs for "please" and "more"

Like I said earlier, our nursing is going strong. Which I love. Even her toys are well breastfed. We're still cosleeping, I'm not sure how much longer. She's a bed hog! And, I still wear her in a sling or mei tai occasionally.

Abby eats near everything we give her. She LOVES pesto, grapes, olives and goldfish crackers. She eats just about everything we give her, which is good. I hope when she gets older she doesn't get picky like most toddlers.

She loves to swing, and walk along the boardwalk. She loves reading books, playing with her keyboard and piano. She had a couple of favorite toys, mainly Mingo (a flamingo that lives in our car) and a purple and white teddy bear (who is unnamed). She has probably 50 million rubber duckies for the bath.

I think right now, that's all I can remember to write. Dad, do you have anything to add?

<3 poeticdream